Advanced Manufacturing & Services

Advanced Manufacturing & Services

At Philux Group

our experts leverage their knowledge and experience in the design and implementation of advanced industrial and manufacturing systems, for optimal plant deliverability.

The ever-increasing challenges in supply chain activities is a call for us to think differently and not see manufacturing processes as an isolated process but as part of an integrated management system.

We have developed new models that harnesses and adapt new technologies to existing business and operational practices, thereby increasing our quality service delivery potentials and customer satisfaction, which is central to our business culture.

We have a pool of experienced workforce to help you deliver transformative and sustainable performance improvement in your organization, taking advantage of technology and digital manufacturing processes.

What we offer?

    • We help design and deliver an efficient supply chain mechanism that feeds the objectives of continuous manufacturing and production. We achieve this by leveraging the knowledge and experience of our experts with critical data advantage at our disposal. Our expert risk and asset managers, understand the budgetary constraints of manufacturing and industrial projects, and will help you maximize value.
    • With customer expectations constantly changing, manufacturers must take advantage of the various digital and technological tools available to meet customer satisfaction and increase profitability of the business. We at Philux Group will embrace digital platforms like business-to-business (B2B) commerce, business-to-clients (B2C), to properly gauge and understand what the current market requirements demand. This will provide openings for profit opportunities and increase adaptability.
    • We know that organizational objectives can only be achieved by the right workforce, hence we offer our client’s our expertise in workforce planning, to ensure that right people for the jobs are hired and properly stationed.
    • We have a team of experts with a new approach to tackling challenges in the manufacturing industry. Well-grounded in the global and local industry demands. Their wealth of experience will make the difference for your simple and complex project needs.  We help you strike a balance between risk, regulatory and legal challenges and most importantly, marketplace consideration. Pooling the manpower, technologies and strategy from Philux Group will lead to new value-creation opportunities, your business desires.

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