At Philux Group

Food security is vital for sustainable economic growth and development. Therefore, our experts offer our clients qualitative advice in their agro-production life cycle, to make sure that food is produced safely, in the best quality and at affordable prices, leveraging technology.

The need for an increase in yield of crops is paramount in solving food crisis around the world.

At Philux Group, we work with our clients to pre-empt the risks and disruption in the industry and find ways to reduce its effect on our client’s business. We also improve the business potentials by increasing the company efficiency and effectiveness. We design and implement unique solutions per client, tailoring our solutions to areas of their competitive advantage. Our team of experts are skilled and experienced in the various segments of the value chain.

What we offer?

Our team of experts provides necessary support to our clients for the purpose of transforming their business and making their entire value chain profitable. Areas of interests include but not limited to.

    • Biomass & Biofuels Production.
    • Livestock Production.
    • Crops production.
    • Agricultural implements and machinery.
    • Dairy production.
    • At Philux Group, we have a track record for identifying investment opportunities in the entire agriculture value chain. We have developed a means to attract investors to work with our clients.
    • Our team of experts helps to identify areas of improvement to reduce cost and increase profitability.
    • We provide and advice on sustainable supply chain management that encourages continuous production.

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