At Philux Group

With population growth, we recognize an increase in the supply and demand of various chemicals, with the attendant challenges faced from increase in the prices of feedstocks.

Our experts focus on the opportunities for growth for different specialties of chemicals. Philux Group boasts of highly experienced workforce that understands chemical production, supply chain and government extant laws and regulations governing the industry.

Our goal is to help you maintain the edge and balance for your chemical business objectives.

What we offer?

  • Philux Group has the capacity to restructure operations using the cradle-to-grave approach in a bid to stimulate growth, reduce costs from the supply chain to procurement.
  • Our well-motivated workforce will help deliver a transformative project management and delivery, with emphasis on safety, quality, cost reduction and budget prudency.
  • We design and implement chemical infrastructures, providing digital frameworks for continuous operations, maintenance, and monitoring.
  • We leverage the skills and experience of our experts to drive operational efficiency within plants and supply chain processes.
  • We are experts in procurement, asset management, quality management, systems and security controls, maintenance, and monitoring, with the goal of satisfying our clients.

Do you have any

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