Metals & Mining

Metals & Mining

At Philux Group

We offers assuring services to clients in the global mining industry, with interest in steel, aluminum, copper, tin, and other useful metals.

Our experts have mastered the art of critical decision making as regards organizational improvement, strategy to achieve the corporate goals and objectives and most importantly steps to emerge as market leaders in the global mining industry. We are well grounded in in the various aspects of the mining industry, from extraction, refining, distribution, and fabrication.

What we offer?

    • • Performance improvement in the procurement and supply chain lifecycle for metals and mining utilities. Our experts are skilled in designing process flow to optimize the entire process, from the planning process to equipment selection to reduce waste and time, thereby improving production capacity. Our team is also vast in cost reduction techniques and shop floor operations, reducing process bottlenecks and supply chain management challenges.
    • Our experts are aware of the global mining industry governance system and best practices for the trade. We follow and advice our clients to follow all local and international regulations surrounding the metal and mining business to protect corporate integrity and avoid legal jeopardies.
    • Our experienced team have a sound knowledge of conducting mergers and acquisition planning and execution for mining and metals companies, in a bid to improve competitiveness and make them market leaders in the industry.
    • We are result driven, laser focused on clients’ requirements for our deliverables, and we strive to surpass their expectations.

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